25 Million Books sold 

Did you know that “…Roberta has sold over 25 million copies worldwide during her career.”

(from an email from Roberta Leigh’s worldwide publishers). 

Over 20 Languages

Roberta Leigh’s books have been translated into over 23 languages, in multiple editions and reprints.

Still Writing:

“Candle in the Dark” by Roberta Leigh

Coming soon!!! 

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Adult Fiction


oberta Leigh, under 4 pseudonyms, wrote over 100 romances for Mills & Boon/Harlequin, and other publishers. Almost all books were reprinted multiple times and in various editions and collections, in many languages including French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and many more. One of her books has even appeared as a manga romances. She has thousands of loyal fans and her books are still being collected.

Children’s Fiction


nder the names of Roberta Leigh and Janey Scott, she published more than 40 children’s books, illustrated by some of the top illustrators of their day, again in multiple editions, under various publishers including the Daily Mirror, Pelham Books and World Distributors, in several languages. She also produced 6 very successful children’s magazines, which ran for close to 100 separate editions.



ilmmaker, producer, composer; Roberta Leigh created and produced 7 massively successful children’s TV series, and several pilots for other projects, clocking up over 240 episodes of ground-breaking content… space puppets and more, predating Thunderbirds. Torchy, the Battery Boy, Twizzle and Space Patrol became household names, thanks to Roberta.



he paintings of Roberta Leigh are deeply emotional, in oils and watercolours on paper or canvas. Her first exhibition was a complete sell-out in the home of Robert Brenner. Her paintings have been hung in the Podbury & Finnegan’s Galleries, and her painting are to be found in private collections in the United Kingdom, America, France and Switzerland.