ROMANCES:  Written as Roberta Leigh, Rachel Lindsay, Janey Scott & Rozella Lake


  • Main publishers: Harlequin/Mills & Boon; under various imprints including:
      • Valentine Romance Club; Harlequin Ginger Blossom Mangas;
  • Other publishersinclude:
      • Hutchinson, Hurst and Blackett, Falcon Press, Worldwide, Michael Joseph

    • 160 romances published in 
      • multiple editions, 
      • multiple languages including French, Russian & Spanish


This alphabetical list includes: (Earliest documented edition’s publication dates are shown.  This list is incomplete.)

Affair in Venice 1975 Lindsay, Rachel
Affair to Forget, An 1978 Lindsay, Rachel
Alien Corn 1954 Lindsay, Rachel
And Then Came Love 1954 Leigh, Roberta
Bachelor at Heart 1992 Leigh, Roberta
Beloved Ballerina 1952 Leigh, Roberta
Business Affair 1960 Lindsay, Rachel
Cage of Gold 1973 Lindsay, Rachel
Castle in the Trees 1958 Lindsay, Rachel
Chateau in Provence 1975 Lindsay, Rachel/Rozella Lake
Cinderella in Mink 1973 Leigh, Roberta
Confirmed Bachelor 1981 Leigh, Roberta
Cupboard Love 1976 Leigh, Roberta
Dark Inheritance 1952 Leigh, Roberta
Design for murder 1964 Lindsay, Rachel
Designing Man 1978 Lindsay, Rachel
Facts of Love 1978 Leigh, Roberta
Facts of Love / Beth / Island Lovesong 1980 Leigh, Roberta
Flower of the Desert 1977 Leigh, Roberta
Food for Love 1974 Lindsay, Rachel
Forbidden Love 1977 Lindsay, Rachel
Forgotten Marriage 1978 Leigh, Roberta
Forgotten Marriage 1978 Lindsay, Rachel
Girl for a Millionaire 1977 Leigh, Roberta
Give a Man a Bad Name 1993 Leigh, Roberta
Healing hands aka Love and Dr. Forrest 1955 Lindsay, Rachel
Heart of a Rose 1961 Lindsay, Rachel
Heart of the Lion 1980 Leigh, Roberta
House of Lorraine 1959 Lindsay, Rachel
If Dreams Came True 1974 Leigh, Roberta
If Dreams Came True 1975 Lake, Rozella
Impossible Man to Love, An 1987 Leigh, Roberta
In Name Only 1950 Leigh, Roberta
Innocent Deception 1975 Lindsay, Rachel
It All Depends on Love 1990 Leigh, Roberta
Latitude of Love, The (aka “Rough Diamond Lover”) 1971 Lindsay, Rachel
Love and Lucy Granger 1967 Lindsay, Rachel
Love and No Marriage 1980 Leigh, Roberta
Love and no Marriage 1980 Lindsay, Rachel
Love in Disguise 1975 Lindsay, Rachel
Love in Store 1983 Leigh, Roberta
Love Match 1980 Leigh, Roberta
Maid to Measure 1986 Leigh, Roberta
Man in a Million 1975 Leigh, Roberta
Man of Affairs, A 1979 Lindsay, Rachel
Man of Ice 1980 Lindsay, Rachel
Man on the Make 1989 Leigh, Roberta
Man Out of Reach 1979 Lindsay, Rachel
Man to Tame, A 1976 Lindsay, Rachel
Man Without a Heart 1976 Leigh, Roberta
Marquis takes a wife, The 1976 Lindsay, Rachel
Mask of Gold 1956 Lindsay, Rachel
Melody of Love 1960 Scott, Janey
Memory of Love 1959 Scott, Janey
Misunderstood 2007 Leigh, Roberta
Moonlight and Magic 1962 Lindsay, Rachel
Most Unsuitable Wife, A 1989 Leigh, Roberta
My Heart’s a Dancer 1970 Leigh, Roberta
My Sister’s Keeper 1979 Lindsay, Rachel
Night of Love 1978 Leigh, Roberta
Night of Love / Shy Young Denbury / Lifetime to Love 1978 Leigh, Roberta
No business to love (aka “Brazilian Affair”) 1966 Lindsay, Rachel
No Man’s Mistress 1987 Leigh, Roberta
No Time for Marriage 1985 Leigh, Roberta
Not a Marrying Man 1977 Leigh, Roberta
Not His Kind of Woman 1992 Leigh, Roberta
Not Without Love 1989 Leigh, Roberta
One Girl at a Time 1990 Leigh, Roberta
Prescription for Love 1977 Lindsay, Rachel
Pretence 1956 Leigh, Roberta
Pretense / The Vengeaful Heart / My Heart’s a Dancer 1983 Leigh, Roberta
Price of Love 1967 Lindsay, Rachel
Prince for Sale 1975 Lindsay, Rachel
Question of Marriage, A 1972 Lindsay, Rachel
Racy Affair, A 1987 Leigh, Roberta
Rent a Wife 1980 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh (By Request); “Bachelor at Heart” & “Two-Timing Man” 1996 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Collection 1, The; “Maid to Measure” & “No time for marriage” 1990 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Collection 2, The; “A Racy Affair” & “Too Bad to be True” 1991 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Collection, The; “Not without Love” & “Storm Cloud Marriage” 1993 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Duet; “An Impossible Man to Love” & “No Man’s Mistress” 1992 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Duet; “Long Journey Back” & “Smoke in the Wind” 1992 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Duet; “Man on the Make” & “A Most Unsuitable Wife” 1993 Leigh, Roberta
Roberta Leigh Duet; “No Place Too Far” 1994 Leigh, Roberta
Roman Affair 1976 Lindsay, Rachel
Savage Aristocrat 1978 Leigh, Roberta
Second Best Wife 1970 Lindsay, Rachel
Second Best Wife 1970 Lindsay, Rachel
Secretary Wife 1976 Lindsay, Rachel
Shade of the Palms 1974 Leigh, Roberta
Shade of the Palms 1974 Lindsay, Rachel
Song in My Heart 1961 Lindsay, Rachel
Stacy 1958 Leigh, Roberta
Storm Cloud Marriage 1987 Leigh, Roberta
Substitute Wife 1982 Lindsay, Rachel
Taming of Laura, The 1959 Lindsay, Rachel
Temporary Wife 1975 Leigh, Roberta
Time to Love, A 1960 Scott, Janey
Tinsel Star 1976 Lindsay, Rachel
To Buy a Bride 1976 Leigh, Roberta
Too Bad to be True 1987 Leigh, Roberta
Too Young to Love 1976 Leigh, Roberta
Two-faced Woman 1991 Leigh, Roberta
Two-timing Man 1993 Leigh, Roberta
Untouched Wife 1981 Lindsay, Rachel
Unwanted Wife 1978 Lindsay, Rachel
Unwilling Bridegroom 1976 Leigh, Roberta
Vengeful Heart, The 1952 Leigh, Roberta
Widening Stream, The 1952 Lindsay, Rachel
Wife for a Year 1980 Leigh, Roberta
Wrong Kind of Wife, The 1994 Leigh, Roberta
Wrong Man to Love 1977 Leigh, Roberta