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Wonderboy & Tiger (Esso)

  • Comic Oddities: Wonder – the Esso Comic


Wonder Comic:

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    • “…she also went on to edit a lesser-known weekly comic for kids called “Wonder“, published by oil company Esso and starring a number of her characters in comic strip form.”
    • [See Photo: #3/4]


The Adventures of Twizzle:


Tesco “Fun ‘n Games”: (1969-1970)

  • [See Photos: Issues 7/13/15/16/17]

From: (Posted by Jeremy Briggs 4 Dec. 2008)

Comic strips based on all three of the series [The Adventures Of Twizzle and Torchy The Battery Boy, and Space Patrol] appeared in various British comics in the 1960s.

  • Twizzle appeared in TV Land, (see also below, the link to Twizzle: TV Land)
  • Torchy in Harold Hare’s Own Paper and
  • Space Patrol in both TV Comic and The Beezer plus two issues of Super Mag. [ref: Wikipedia]
    • Two comic strip adaptations of Space Patrol were produced:
      • TV Comic: 52 double-page strips forming the centrespread of each issue, in issues 668 to 719. They were written by Roberta Leigh herself and illustrated by artist Bill Mevin.
      • Beezer: from September 1966 to March 1967, illustrated by artist Terry Patrick

As well as writing novels Roberta Leigh also wrote storybooks, both softcover and annual style, for children based on her TV series with at least four appearing for Twizzle and nine for Torchy. Due to their age, their intended audience and presumably low print runs, these are amongst the scarcest Gerry Anderson related books and pose a real challenge for collectors to find.