TV Series: Twizzle; Nov 1957 – June 1959

  • TV Series: Twizzle; Nov 1957 – June 1959

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The original Mr. Turnip is coming up for auction! (9 February 2007)

On March 15th 2007 Vectis Auctions – the world’s largest toy auctioneer – will be auctioning the Joy Laurey Collection including the original Mr Turnip puppet prop together with associated ephemera including several lots relating to Twizzle. Including the Gerry Anderson and Joy Laurey original A.P.Films hand written signed contract, 1957, plus other agreements between A.P Films and the Laurey Puppet Company detailing the contract concerning the making of Twizzle.

Also original film scripts by Mary Lee, hand coloured photostats from the books by Roberta Leigh, finely painted in gonache, used by Joy Laurey to create puppet personas for the TV series, christmas cards, post cards – many signed, original BBC TV Whirligig scripts, photographs, scrapbooks etc. Vectis website


Twizzle: TV Land (The Gerry Anderson Complete Comic History)



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