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Roberta Leigh (Wikipedia) – [updated & revised 2012]

Interview with Roberta Leigh (1998) (YouTube)

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  • Gerry Anderson: F.A.B! (2009)




Date Name Wiki Episodes IMDB Video Other Image
1957 The Adventures of Twizzle Wiki 52 x; b&w IMDB YouTube
Television Heaven
1958 Torchy the Battery Boy Wiki 52 x; b&w IMDB YouTube
Link removed from
YouTube (theme tune sung by Paul McCartney)
1962 Sara and Hoppity Wiki 52 x;  b&w; Wonderama Productions IMDB YouTube
Television Heaven  
1962 Space Patrol Wiki 39 x 30’;  b&w; Wonderama Productions IMDB YouTube
1964 Paul Starr Wiki mention Pilot (15’);  b&w; Wonderama Productions IMDB YouTube Toonhound  
1965/6 Picture the Word   26 x; limited animations     Television House No
1966 Mr Hero   Pilot (6’); Colour;
George Dunning
    Rapporto Confidenziale No-
Book cover
1966 Send For Dithers   13 x; Colour   YouTube Toonhound  
1966 Wonder Boy and Tiger   13 x; Colour;
Wonderama Productins
  YouTube BFI | Telegoons DVD-screen
1967 The Solarnauts   Pilot; Colour;
Wonderama Productions
IMDB YouTube Say; Hello Spaceman